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Alexa, read the article…

6 June 2017

Harrison Langford

Whether it is Siri, Cortana, Alexa or Google voice searching is becoming more and more popular.

What are voice searches?

Voice searching, as the name suggests, is the act of searching using your voice. It is generally with your own personal assistant, so to speak, so this could be something like Apple’s Siri, Android’s Cortana or Amazon’s Alexa. These all have their own personal uses and benefits, but they are essentially an aid to help you search the internet quicker and easier.

How can it benefit you?

Voice search functionality can be a useful tool to help businesses connect with their customers, however it is not for everyone. You need to consider realistically if it is appropriate for your company and more importantly your clients. Certain types of companies will be able to significantly benefit from the tool, however some will find that there is just not enough demand from their customers to warrant it.

Image credits: Seopresser (2017)

As you can see from the infographic, people generally use their voice recognition for simple features, but the biggest thing to stand out is movie times. This is something that can be carried over to something such as restaurants. As a lover of Google and most things related, I find myself to be lazy when it comes to searching for websites, using voice recognition to find local restaurants or times for cinema showings; and according to the figures from Seopresser, I am not the only one. This is something that you would expect to greatly benefit smaller businesses, providing they have a high SEO standing. To find out more about how we can help you achieve this, get in touch.

If you can work towards targeting voice search based SEO, then you can work towards taking a step past your competition. The up and coming nature of voice searching suggests that it is not going to be going away any time soon. With the introduction of devices such as Alexa (Amazon Echo) voice commands are certainly becoming more apparent. Research clearly suggests that the vast majority of searches are based around people actually doing something; whether that is driving, cooking or watching television (Higher visibility). It is the ease of use that draws people to voice searches.

What future plans are there for voice search and how will it affect you?

The big change you are likely to discover from voice searches lies within your SEO. As your audience start to search through voice activation then this is likely to change the terminology for your SEO searches. For instance, if a previously searched term was ‘local restaurants’ you may find that the terminology people use to search is now ‘restaurants near to me’. This could have a significant impact on your SEO, as well as your competitors, so if you can take advantage of the changes early on you are more likely to see benefits sooner.

Image credits: Google

If you are looking for help regarding how exactly voice searches will affect your business or how you can improve your SEO positioning, please do not hesitate to get in touch.