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Safeguarding Children Event Review

Matthew Burgess

As most of you know we attended the Safeguarding Children: Effective Collaboration for Child Protection and Wellbeing on Thursday 11 May in Manchester.

We are pleased to say we found the event an overall success, with it generating some great ideas and future plans to help safeguard children going forward, as well as highlighting areas of concern and needs for improvement that we can all be working together to combat.

A recurring theme throughout the day was the emphasis on the importance of multi-agency and collaborative working, between regional Boards and the local authorities. Find out how West Midlands Procedures Group are trying to achieve this here.

A key issue raised by Alan Wood CBE (author of the Wood Review), was the need for strong leadership, not just at the top levels but filtering down to the lower levels as well, with people needing to take a “strong, meaningful and decisive action with a clear focus on child protection”.

David Niven, Chair of Tameside and Bradford LSCBs revealed the following statistics during his presentation…

  • 3 – 4 year olds spend 8+ hours a week online
  • 12 – 14 year olds spend 20+ hours a week online
  • In 2016 calls to Childline regarding child grooming rose by 10% to 3,150
  • 60% of people surveyed agreed that professionals such as social workers, teachers, police and health service workers should not have social accounts that are open for public access
  • in 2016 there were 80 million false Facebook accounts; some of these are just alias’ for businesses or old accounts people no longer use, however a large proportion of them are used to target children and young people.

To find out how we help Boards become more effective, freeing up time, resources and budget that can be then spent enhancing services elsewhere, get in touch with us today; call on 01234 779 054 or email jazmine.brace@phew.org.uk.


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