National Safeguarding Month

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National Safeguarding Month

2 March 2017

Matthew Burgess

Stop, Look and Listen this National Safeguarding Month

(28thFeb –31stMar)

UK Youth -the largest national body for the sector, supporting over 830,000 young people -is calling on all organisations that work with young people to Stop what they’re doing, Look at their safeguarding practices, Listen to young people and take action during National Safeguarding Month.

The month hopes to put a spotlight on the welfare of young people to inspire and motivate youth organisations to create bright futures with their safeguarding policies.

Join in with National Safeguarding Month by committing to the highest standards of safeguarding policies and practices. Pledge your support using #StopLookListen17 and find out more here.

Our specialist range of Safeguarding products and services have been created based on pain points identified by Safeguarding Boards themselves, both Adult and Children, who have worked with us to create tools that enhance Board’s abilities to deliver not only their own safeguarding policies, but ensure their stakeholders and partner organisations are doing so too. Not only this but they have also proven to save Board’s time and resources and reduce costs. See our full suite here. For more information get in touch, call 01234 779 054 or email

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