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March Service Spotlight: Website Refreshes

Matthew Burgess

So you regularly update your website with fresh content and the latest updates from your company but is that enough?

In short, no. Regular website refreshes are vital for keeping your site fresh, innovative and most importantly, appealing to your audience.


In this digital age things can very quickly become dated. Colour schemes, structures, features and functionality can make your site look old and therefore unreliable or irrelevant.  You also have to consider how your brand has moved on since you last updated the site – is the way you communicate with your customers still the same? The tone and style of language?

Just like fashion, website trends change as time goes on. Something that may have been popular on sites last year might now look ‘old hat’. At the moment people are preferring downward scrolling sites, simplified content and more use of icons.

Another point to remember is that technology develops so fast so there is constantly something new that your site could be doing to enhance user experience, allow you to communicate better with customers or at the very least just to appear to be keeping up with competitors. This could be integrating videos to your site or making it not just making it mobile-friendly but mobile-interactive to drive up the mobile user experience. Don’t get us wrong, we are not saying that you need to be implementing every new functionality that comes out, you should pick and choose which ones are relevant to your site and your users.

This project would be a great time to sit back and review your digital strategy as a whole. High-quality websites are essential for a successful digital strategy, helping integrate your various campaigns together and acting as a central hub for all stakeholders. It is important to regularly assess and analyse your site to make sure it is still working towards your overall company objectives.


We suggest a refresh at least once every couple of years, however if you go through any significant changes in your company e.g. a rebrand, change in direction or switch of target audience, then you should of course update your website to be reflective of this.

Content, images and company information should be kept regularly updated; we recommend basic content reviews at least every two weeks, with quarterly site reviews to make sure every page contains correct and in-date information.


It may sound like a lot but don’t panic. We are here to help. We can support you with everything from a complete site redesign to a simple content review, whether you are a current client of ours or not. Get in touch today via our online contact form or email me directly at jazmine.brace@phew.org.uk to take the first step towards more effective digital marketing.

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