Launch of Phew’s eLearning Management System

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Launch of Phew’s eLearning Management System

14 March 2017

Matthew Burgess

Last month saw the launch of Phew’s new eLearning system, with Oxford Safeguarding Adult Board being the first Board to incorporate it into their Phew Events Booking and Management System.

eLearning allows for training and teaching to be simply and easily shared worldwide,  ensuring collaborative learning for your whole network

This new flexible platform enables Boards to deliver bespoke eLearning courses. Through integrating with our Events Booking and Management Tool, bookings, learning history, resources and certificates can all be accessed using this one dynamic system. There is also the option to personalise content and offer off-the-shelf courses.

Each Board can personalise the content and question style with options to have multiple choice, free text boxes or true / false styles and of course use their own branding for the design of the system. This level of customisation that we offer for each individual eLearning course means you can tailor each to fit the individual requirements of the course, the Board and the learner.

The platform is able to be fully integrated with the Phew Events Booking and Management Tool, as well as all Phew websites. Linking all these systems together allows for increased ease of access for users, creating a streamlined approach for both learners and admin and enhancing the user experience.

Reports on delegates, registration, courses and learning outcomes can all be automatically generated using the Phew eLearning tool, meaning you can access all the required information with simply a click of the button.

These platforms have already proven they save Boards time, resources and funding that can instead be spent elsewhere to further strengthen the level of Safeguarding services

Key benefits:

  • Simple, easily-accessible site layout and structure
  • Works on all devices including mobiles and tablets
  • Acts as a central hub for all event booking, resources and reporting
  • Allows delegates to book courses and access certificates
  • Allows Boards to upload training resources and materials
  • Automatically generates registration and completion reports
  • Automatically generates learning outcomes reports


To find out more and talk to someone about how eLearning can work for your Board get in touch today – call 01234 779 054 or email