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Why simple does not have to mean boring

Matthew Burgess

Clearing out the clutter and mess.

Some people may associate the word ‘simple’ with words such as ‘dull’ and ‘boring’, but we see it as ‘straight-forward’ and ‘to-the-point’, which in this day and age of consumers being bombarded with different offers and opportunities, can be quite refreshing.

Although the ability to search the internet for the best deals is readily available to us now, at the end of the day the core requirement of the majority of customers remains the same; an uncomplicated product / service of high quality at a reasonably-priced cost.

The majority of consumers (62%) are prepared to pay more for a simple experience, new research finds, while 61% would recommend a brand if it has a clear proposition that saves them time.

Marketing Week

Brands such as Aldi and First Direct have simplicity nailed, with stripped back advertising and processes to allow the customer to gain exactly what they want in the easiest way possible.

First Direct’s Head of Brand and Marketing Zoe Burns-Shore explained their ‘people matter more’ mantra:

“It’s really important to us that our marketing strategy is as much about customer engagement as it is about letting customers know about what products might be right for them”.

A website, for many companies, is the central hub of information, e-commerce and the place to get to know the brand better; for this reason we understand the importance of designing and developing a captivating yet clear and undemanding site that integrates with all other marketing, advertising and collateral and not only allows for a seamless user-journey but also enhances the overall user-experience with the brand.

Talk to us today about creating this for your brand.


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