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What your website should have in 2017

Matthew Burgess

Nearly one month down in 2017, we look at what ingredients you need for the perfect website.

1. Minimal content

Big, bold and basic.

We are beginning to see more of a minimalistic design when it comes to typography and content, with sites opting for large headings that create a simple yet captivating visual.

  1. Simplicity (colours and layout)

Reduced colour palettes and stripped-back layouts are becoming more common. Typically the colour is being used as an attention-grabbing piece, to draw customers to where you want them to go on the website. The stripped-back layer also contributes to this, allowing for clear navigation.

  1. Real-life photography

Bye-bye stock images and hello professional photographs. With the rise in sites such as Pexels and Pixabay, professionally-shot real-life photos are now much easier to access and help convey an organisation’s personally and style a lot better.

  1. Buttons

Most of us like a good button to press to take us to the next step in our user journey, but shadows making a comeback, they give the tried-and-tested website button that extra level of authenticity, allowing the user to really feel like they are pushing one.

  1. Animation

With the rising popularity of animation, it would be easy to get caught-up in everything that you can now do and make some all-singing-all-dancing visuals, but don’t do it. The key to animation is to keep it simple; something small and simple to catch the user’s attention but not make them feel like they are being overloaded and that the page is too busy.

We can help you design, develop and maintain a website with all of these features and more. Get in touch today to get planning yours.

26 January 2017 |

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