Management Team

Why Us?

Management Team

Dedicated, dynamic, creative and always ready for a challenge…

The Founder of Phew, Matthew leads the team in surpassing client expectations. When he’s not hard at work you’ll find him off building something; toy tractors, tables, rocking elephants… he’s done it all.

01234 779 052

Matthew Burgess

Managing Director

The in-house fire-fighter, keeping everything on track and running smoothly. This applies both in and out of work, where he is official dad-taxi, rugby and squash coach and cubs leader. All in a day’s work.

01234 779 053

Kern Roderick-Jones

Studio Manager

On-hand to ensure that our clients are receiving the best possible service, Graham keeps us all on our toes to make sure we are consistently delivering to the highest of our ability. Put him to the challenge of increasing your business today.

07938 590 277

Graham Gibbs

Account Manager

In control of ‘everything’, Jenni liaises with clients over accounts, co-ordinates meetings, manages the books and keeps everyone in tea, coffee and hot chocolate. The first one in at the start of the day and the last one to lock-up at night, Phew simply would not run so smoothly without her!


01234 779 050

Jenni Mason

Office Manager & PA